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We keep people at the centre of everything we do.

This means that, by working with us, you will, too.

Support Group

Focus Group Facilitation.

Our team is effective at building trust and evoking meaningful dialogue from small group conversations.

On your behalf, we can search for appropriate venues based in the community. We can also provide trained facilitators who can conduct research, record it and feed back to you.

Our facilitators are also trained to look after children to ensure parents with child-caring responsibilities can fully engage in the dialogue.


"I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Hapus workshop and to thank you both for everything that you do for the local community.


I believe that talking to people from diverse backgrounds and making the events informal makes a big difference when it comes to engaging the local community.


It was heart-warming to watch you entertain the kids while their parents took part in the discussion."

- Grangetown Community Member

Participant Recruitment.

We employ a broad range of methods to recruit participants for research opportunities which hinge on social connection.

48% of our attendees come through word of mouth. We harness the power of social connection to bring a diverse cohorts of participants for your study.


Diverse cohorts lead to a variety of opinions and perspectives that can bring about unique insights for your product or service.


"You put a lot of thought into the needs of the community before we met them e.g. making provisions for the kids and having a good in depth knowledge of the community.


Attendance levels were great. As was the diversity of attendees. Having someone that knows the community and is able to recruit is important."

- Caroline Owens, Public Health Wales

A Supportive Hug

Community Connect Groups.

We believe that empowered communities are healthier communities. This is why we are launching a community advocate programme in which passionate community members can lead their own group about a health topic of their choice.

These small group meetings offer countless opportunities of engagement for stakeholders like you.

Comm conn

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